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Break Down Complex Employee Benefits Questions

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Often times, consumers are overwhelmed by the differences in plan options and costs and it is hard to compare the plans. But is a simplified categorization beneficial if no one understands the system?

Employers should be asking similar questions. What is the point of offering a variety of health, dental, vision and supplemental insurance plans in an employee benefits package if employees don’t understand the differences between the plans? It is becoming increasingly obvious that benefits communication is becoming as important as the benefits themselves. There is obviously a serious need for employers to plan an active part of the enrollment process.

By opening the lines of communication early, employees can see more value in the benefits offered to them. High participation and high perceived value are likely to increase employee morale, retention, and productivity. These are all cost-saving factors of a business.

Many small and medium businesses simply do not have the resources to devote an appropriate amount of attention to the questions brought on by open enrollment, newly eligible employees, and daily inquisitions. A professional employer organization (PEO) not only helps employers obtain and administer competitive and comprehensive benefits packages, they also assist employers and employees before, during and after the enrollment process with any questions they might have. PEOs also have direct access to plan providers and can quickly refer unique technical questions to the appropriate expert.

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