The war for talent is an ever changing, never ending responsibility.  The right people are always looking for companies that provide opportunities to be challenged, to grow, succeed, and be recognized for their contribution. 


In today's highly competitive market for talent, both employers and the talent they need, are searching for the most effective avenues for connecting.  We help you connect with top talent through multiple pathways that reach the brightest and best employees.


The Mission HR employs innovative, and often creative approaches to recruiting top level talent.  Our mission isn't just to find you the best additions to your team.  We also help you synchronize your organizational structure and corporate culture in ways that make you more attractive to the greatest pool of applicants.


Put us on your mission to find and attract top talent.  


Staffing & recruiting

Matching exceptional talent with remarkable opportunities

Industries we serve



At The Mission HR, we are passionate about non-profits and we make sure to find the best matches for everyone involved. We know that the right fit makes all the difference.  We also understand the mission and vision of non-profits as we directly support The Mission Haven's fight against Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.   



We specialize in placing application development, systems integration, information security, infrastructure management, networking, database development, help desk and technical support professionals in project, contract-to-hire and full-time positions. 


Sales & marketing

The Sales Department is the engine that drives revenue and growth. Their work is challenging and demanding, yet very rewarding.  Sales professionals are high-risk, high-reward individuals who impact your revenue more than any other component of your organization. They are critical to your success, and our firm aims to find the right fit.


Engineering, architecture, & interior design

Our specialized approach connects our clients with the right talent across all industries, including, commercial and residential building, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense.  Our flexible service packages give you access to the hard-to-find and highly-specialized creative professionals your business needs to stay competitive. 


Accounting, finance, & professional skills

From taxes and audits to mergers and acquisitions, business is driven by numbers. Every organization needs top accounting professionals to help them navigate risks and compete in challenging business environments.  Accounting recruiting firms must combine proficient accounting knowledge with executive recruitment expertise. 



Manufacturing has evolved significantly over the course of the last decade. A physical plant remains relevant, however the specialized talent needed to succeed has become more critically important than ever. Successful manufacturing recruitment requires a deeper understanding of the industry’s evolution as well as a keen insight into the future of the domestic talent market.