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Brikl Sales Strategy Enhancement Case Study

Built out their email and LinkedIn outbound strategy by leveraging automation for multi channel outreach

Increased their meeting rate by 120% in the first three months

Built out their hubspot workflows to optimize CRM efficiency and Pipeline generation

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Brikl is a pioneering force in the online store technology sector, specializing in the promotional products and team wear industry. As the only provider of end-to-end company store solutions for on-demand production, Brikl's MicroStores revolutionize how companies manage their merchandising needs. These customizable online stores cater to a wide range of business needs, from large corporate stores to local pop-up shops and redemption stores for corporate reward programs.

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Despite their innovative technology, Brikl faced significant challenges in scheduling product demos through their sales representatives. Previous attempts at various outreach strategies were unsuccessful, leading to a critical need for an automated yet personalized approach to increase demo bookings.


Automated Outreach Implementation:

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LinkedIn and Email Strategy: Our team developed and implemented a comprehensive outbound strategy using our proprietary system, Grobot. This strategy included tailored messaging designed to set Brikl’s sales team apart from conventional sales approaches.

CRM Integration and Optimization: Integrated these outreach strategies into HubSpot, optimizing workflows to improve CRM efficiency and enhance pipeline generation.

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Outbound Strategy Success: Successfully overhauled Brikl’s approach to LinkedIn and email outreach, incorporating automation to facilitate consistent and personalized communication with potential clients.

Significant Increase in Engagement: Achieved a 120% increase in the meeting booking rate within the first three months of strategy implementation.

CRM Efficiency: Enhanced the functionality of HubSpot workflows, leading to more streamlined operations and improved efficiency in pipeline management.

Through targeted digital strategies and the integration of sophisticated automation tools, Brikl has not only enhanced its ability to engage with potential clients but also significantly boosted its sales team’s productivity and effectiveness.

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