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When Growth is Your Mission

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Your partnership with us helps a child survivor walk the road of hope

We are a justice enterprise and a generous portion of all net earnings goes directly into fighting human trafficking through The Mission Haven. They provide transformational housing and care to women and children who have been rescued from slavery. Your partnership with us directly impacts their lives.


Our Founder

Hilda is passionate about the precious value of all people, but especially women and children. She is a fierce crusader against the objectification of women in all its forms. It is her life's dream to work with her husband Troy to create Haven.


Hilda has been consulting with and for businesses and high net worth individuals for over 20 years. As a licensed life and health insurance, PEO consulting, and digital marketing agency, The Mission HR, LLC (DBA as The Mission) is one of the few national consulting organizations which is fully owned and managed by a woman.


​From the very beginning, The Mission has been a collective of diverse individuals that can bring dynamic solutions to businesses that are serious about growing their companies and taking care of their people.​


Hilda intends to leverage her two careers, as an Interior Designer, and Business Owner for the good of Haven.


Hilda loves Jesus, her family, the mountains and pickleball.

who we are

Our Mission

First and foremost, The Mission strives to be the best in class among Growth service providers. We are confident that our services and strategies will provide the highest value to your company, but it's our people who really make the difference. We are passionate about providing the highest level of service to you, because so much more is at stake, than our bottom line. Excellence is our starting point, but Haven is our finish line.








Servants Heart


Transformational Business Model

More than ever, you can choose to do business with companies that align with causes you care about. When you partner with us, you are directly impacting the fight against human trafficking. Our unique business model is the first to transform "Human Resources into Human Rescue". We know this concept is new to many, so below is a simplified outline of our mission. We would love to answer your questions and explain more, so just ask us.

Remember to ask us how you can possibly receive additional tax benefits from partnering with us.

Justice Enterprise
Corporate Clients and Business Partners - Business As Mission - The Mission HR

Corporate Clients and Business Partners

We are the only HR outsourcing organization in America that is intentionally and deliberately fighting the impacts of human trafficking. Your partnership with us, helps us do that.

Haven will stand in that gap.

Transforming Human Resources into Human Rescue

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Like never before, you can work with organizations that line up with causes you care about. When you align with us, you are making a lasting impact on the battle against human trafficking. Our one of a kind strategy is the first to change "Human Resources into Human Rescue". We know this concept is new to many, so you can get to a simplified illustration of our plan by going to our social entrepreneurship page or by clicking directly on the links to Haven. We would love to answer your questions and explain more, so just ask us.

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