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Sighthound Video AI Solutions Case Study

Build out a landing page for their product

Developed LinkedIn strategy

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Sighthound specializes in AI-powered video solutions that tackle complex problems at scale, particularly in the privacy and vehicle recognition sectors. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology from their computer vision research lab, Sighthound provides advanced tools capable of vehicle detection, object tracking, and redaction to ensure privacy compliance. Their solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, offering valuable insights, reducing operational costs, and boosting revenue for their clients.

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Sighthound faced challenges in effectively demonstrating their product's capabilities on a large scale. The team recognized LinkedIn as an optimal platform for reaching their target market but needed a more impactful method to showcase their advanced technology to potential clients.


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LinkedIn Page and Content Optimization: Updated Sighthound’s company LinkedIn page to better reflect their cutting-edge offerings. Developed engaging video content and dedicated landing pages that clearly explained the benefits and functionalities of their AI tools.

Automated LinkedIn Campaigns: Implemented Grobot, an automated tool, to streamline outbound LinkedIn strategies. This included directing prospects to the new video assets, with the goal of increasing engagement and understanding of the product.

A/B Testing of Campaign Strategies: Conducted A/B tests comparing the effectiveness of video asset campaigns against direct meeting request strategies to optimize outreach and conversion rates.

Enhanced Digital Strategy and Automated Outreach:

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Increased Engagement and Meeting Bookings: The video-based campaign significantly outperformed the direct calendar link approach, securing between 8-12 meetings per week per representative in a highly specialized market.

Enhanced Product Visibility: The strategic use of video content effectively showcased Sighthound's technology, leading to a deeper understanding and higher interest among potential clients.

Optimized Outreach Strategy: The insights gained from the A/B testing guided Sighthound to refine their approach, focusing on strategies that yield the best engagement and conversion rates.

Through a strategic overhaul of their LinkedIn presence and the adoption of targeted automated marketing campaigns, Sighthound was able to more effectively demonstrate their high-value AI solutions at scale. This case study highlights the power of integrating visual content with smart automation to enhance product visibility and market reach in specialized technology sectors.

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