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Troy Vermillion and What The Tech

Troy Vermillion Branding, Podcast Growth And YouTube Channel Strategy Case Study.


Troy Vermillion is a distinguished HR and Benefits professional with over two decades of expertise in the industry and is the founder of the "What the Tech" podcast. This podcast features prestigious tech founders and influencers and has rapidly become a platform for insightful content that demystifies the complexities of HR benefits. Known for his authenticity, deep knowledge, and integrity, Troy has cultivated a brand that transforms confusion into mastery.

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Troy approached our team seeking to enhance his personal and professional brand. He required a website that not only narrated his story compellingly but also encapsulated his brand ethos effectively. Additionally, Troy aimed to expand the reach of his "What the Tech" podcast across platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, and to establish a robust presence on LinkedIn.


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Branding and Website Development:

Brand Workshop: Initiated the project with in-depth branding workshops with Troy to determine his brand colors and logo, ensuring these elements resonated with his message and target audience.

Website Creation: Developed a lead-generating website that serves as a central platform for both Troy's HR consulting services and his podcast, optimizing it for user engagement and traffic conversion.

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Digital Marketing and Content Strategy:

Content Marketing on LinkedIn: Crafted a comprehensive content marketing strategy on LinkedIn, regularly posting videos and thought leadership pieces to engage with professionals and expand Troy’s network.

YouTube Growth Tactics: Enhanced Troy's podcast visibility on YouTube through strategic use of shorts and optimized video editing to highlight key moments and maintain brand cohesion.

Channel Setup and Branding: Ensured the YouTube channel strongly reflected the podcast's branding, with consistent use of logos, colors, and thematic elements across all visual assets, including video thumbnails and channel art.

Content Diversification: Developed a content strategy that included full podcast episodes alongside a series of short-form videos and YouTube Shorts. These shorter clips were designed to capture key insights and engaging moments from the episodes, tailored to pique interest and encourage full episode viewership.

Professional Video Editing: Implemented professional video editing to ensure all content, including full-length episodes and shorts, was polished, engaging, and maintained high production quality.

SEO Optimization: Implemented YouTube-specific SEO practices to enhance discoverability. This involved optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords to attract an audience interested in technology and digital transformation.

Engagement Tactics: Encouraged viewer interaction by integrating calls to action in each video, prompting viewers to like, subscribe, comment, and share. Also implemented end-screen elements to promote other videos on the channel and drive continuous engagement.

Analytics and Adaptation: Regularly reviewed channel analytics to understand viewer preferences and behavior. Used this data to refine content types, posting schedules, and promotional tactics to better meet audience needs.

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Website and Branding: Successfully launched Troy's website, which continuously evolves through optimizations to enhance lead generation and nurture incoming traffic effectively.

LinkedIn Strategy Success: Implemented an outbound LinkedIn strategy that dramatically increased Troy’s follower count to 31,000, leveraging our targeted content marketing efforts.

Podcast Expansion: Grew the "What the Tech" podcast from 1,000 to 7,000 YouTube subscribers within a year, significantly increasing its reach and influence.

Enhanced Channel Growth: The strategic approach to content, including YouTube Shorts and professionally edited videos, led to a consistent increase in subscriber numbers and viewer engagement within the first few months of launch.

Lead Generation: Optimized videos with clear calls to action and linked content significantly increased traffic to the podcast’s website and other digital platforms, enhancing overall lead generation efforts.

Community Building: The channel not only attracted viewers but also fostered an interactive community, leading to higher levels of engagement and loyalty among listeners and viewers.

Through strategic branding, effective website design, and proactive content strategies across multiple platforms, our team has not only solidified Troy Vermillion’s brand but also significantly expanded his digital footprint and audience engagement in the tech and HR fields.

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