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Hawke Media

Hawke Media and Grobot Partnership Case Study

Booked a bunch of meetings around 5-8 per week


150,000 in revenue in the first year.

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Hawke Media, a renowned performance marketing agency specializing in B2C and D2C sectors, is led by Erik Huberman. Despite their extensive industry capabilities, the agency faced significant challenges in business development, particularly with meeting quotas for scheduling client meetings.

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The sales manager at Hawke Media was dealing with the BDR team’s consistent failure to meet their monthly quota of 10 meetings, indicating a need for a more effective tool and strategy to improve performance and secure quality meetings.


Grobot Integration and Strategic Outreach:

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Pilot Program Implementation: Phin Sutton, co-founder of Mission and Grobot, initiated a pilot program, using Grobot as an outsourced BDR to enhance meeting generation for Hawke Media.

Targeted Campaign Development: Developed and implemented five distinct campaigns targeting CEOs' second-degree connections, with content tailored to resonate with specific industries and their unique pain points.

High Engagement Strategy: The campaigns were designed to achieve high engagement, resulting in a 55-70% open rate and a 6-10% response rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of the personalized and industry-specific approach.

Comprehensive Testing and Optimization: Continuously monitored and optimized the campaigns to maximize response rates and meeting scheduling.

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Significant Increase in Meetings: Grobot successfully generated over 32 meetings per month during the initial three-month trial, dramatically exceeding the previous average.

Direct Revenue Impact: The increased meeting frequency contributed to closing deals worth over $82,000 within a five-month period.

Broad Implementation and Continued Success: Following the pilot’s success, Grobot was rolled out to all BDRs at Hawke Media, with each rep securing an additional 5-8 meetings weekly.

Substantial Annual Returns: In the first year of using Grobot, Hawke Media achieved over $250,000 in closed business, reflecting a 13x return on investment.

Through targeted, data-driven outreach and the strategic use of Grobot’s automation capabilities, Hawke Media revitalized its business development efforts, significantly boosting both productivity and profitability. This case study exemplifies how tailored automation and precise market targeting can transform traditional sales processes and drive substantial business growth.

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