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Firmatek Case Study: Enhancing Geospatial Data Solutions

Built out their email and LinkedIn outbound strategy by leveraging automation for multi channel outreach

Helped them hypertarget their niche of oil and engineers to sell 3D drone technology by targeting the key words of their ideal client and creating a hypertargeted LInkedIn approach

Increased meeting set rate by 30% which lead to their team booking 3 high ticket clients in the first 6 months of working with us


Firmatek is at the forefront of the geospatial data industry, dedicated to democratizing this technology to provide actionable insights that foster confidence, encourage collaboration, and simplify complex decision-making. With industry-leading technology and a team of dedicated experts, Firmatek offers tailored solutions that tackle unique challenges faced by various sectors, establishing trusted partnerships to continuously innovate and enhance their offerings.

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The sales team at Firmatek faced a significant challenge in introducing their advanced drone solutions, which utilize the Kespry Cloud for data analysis, to potential clients in the construction, disaster response, mining and aggregates, and landfill sectors. The need was to effectively showcase the value and capabilities of their solutions to these specialized industries.

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Market Research and Targeted Campaigns:

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Comprehensive Market Research: The team conducted detailed research to understand the specific needs and operational challenges of target sectors such as construction companies, disaster response units, mining operations, and landfill management.

Tailored Messaging: Utilizing insights from the research, Firmatek crafted messages and product offerings specifically designed to meet the distinct demands of each industry sector.

Strategic Outreach: Launched targeted LinkedIn and email marketing campaigns using Grobot, Firmatek’s proprietary tool. These campaigns were aimed at sectors most likely to benefit from advanced geospatial data solutions, ensuring that messaging was both relevant and highly targeted.

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Enhanced Market Penetration: The targeted outreach strategy enabled Firmatek to significantly increase its visibility and engagement within each specified sector. Live demonstrations of the drone solutions provided tangible insights into their practical benefits, leading to higher engagement levels.

Increased Sales Meetings: The strategic efforts resulted in a substantial increase in scheduled meetings with high-potential leads, indicating a strong interest in Firmatek’s solutions across the targeted industries.

Client Acquisition and Revenue Growth: The successful adoption of Firmatek’s drone solutions in these new sectors not only boosted client acquisition rates but also led to a notable increase in revenue, confirming the effectiveness of the targeted marketing and sales strategies.

Through diligent market research, tailored messaging, and strategic use of digital marketing tools, Firmatek was able to overcome initial challenges and effectively communicate the value of its geospatial data solutions to a diverse industry audience. This case study exemplifies how targeted approaches and technological integration can lead to substantial business growth and market expansion.

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