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Ability Map

AbilityMap Outbound Sales Strategy Case Study

LinkedIn Automation

Increased meeting to 10 per week

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AbilityMap is an innovative platform that utilizes a Capability Framework to enhance recruitment accuracy and efficiency. This framework is based on 31 human capabilities grouped into 8 categories, derived from extensive research and the Australian government’s capability grouping. AbilityMap’s system matches candidates to roles ranging from IT support technicians to construction site managers, thereby minimizing hiring mistakes and maximizing potential within existing teams.

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AbilityMap faced significant challenges with their outbound sales strategy, particularly with email prospecting, which was not yielding the desired results in terms of meeting bookings and sales conversions.


Revamped Outbound Sales Strategy:

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Target Audience and Messaging Refinement:

Conducted comprehensive copywriting reviews and ideal persona tests within Australia to refine messaging and better target potential clients.
Identified key industries and roles that would benefit most from AbilityMap’s capabilities to tailor the outreach efforts.

Automation and Strategy Implementation:

Integrated Grobot, a proprietary LinkedIn and email automation system, to streamline and enhance the outbound prospecting process.
Implemented a full-funnel LinkedIn outbound strategy that engaged potential clients through tailored messaging based on refined audience insights.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization:

Regularly analyzed the performance of the outreach campaigns, making adjustments to the messaging and targeting strategies based on real-time feedback and results.

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Increased Meeting Bookings: The new strategy significantly increased the number of sales meetings, from an average of two per week to consistently achieving 8-10 meetings per week.

Enhanced Sales Performance: The more effective meeting rate directly contributed to consistently hitting sales targets.

Exceptional ROI: The revamped approach and utilization of advanced automation tools provided AbilityMap with a return on investment of over 300%, dramatically enhancing their market penetration and revenue.

Through a strategic overhaul of their outbound sales tactics, enhanced by advanced automation and targeted messaging, AbilityMap successfully transformed their sales process. This case study exemplifies how precise audience targeting, coupled with effective use of technology, can lead to significant improvements in sales efficiency and overall business growth.

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