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Fresh Green Freedom

FreshGreen Freedom Case Study

Linkedin profile optimization

Company page growth

Meetings set

ROI of 8x


FreshGreen Freedom is a Fort Worth, Texas-based SEO agency specializing in providing search engine optimization services to businesses within Texas. As a new entrant in the competitive digital marketing industry, the agency aimed to establish a strong online presence, particularly on LinkedIn.

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During its early days, FreshGreen Freedom struggled to gain traction and build its presence on LinkedIn—a crucial platform for professional networking and business growth in the digital marketing sector.


Comprehensive LinkedIn Strategy Overhaul:

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Profile Audit and Enhancement: The mission team conducted a thorough audit of the agency’s LinkedIn profile. Based on the findings, they revamped the profile with new banners and professional profile pictures to enhance credibility and attractiveness.

Optimization for Lead Generation: Transformed the LinkedIn profile into a lead magnet by optimizing the content and layout to highlight the agency’s unique value proposition and services, including a prominent call to action for a free SEO audit tool.

LinkedIn Automation Implementation: Implemented a strategic LinkedIn automation campaign to drive traffic to the agency’s website and the free SEO audit tool, while also automating the process of booking meetings and appointments with potential clients.


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Significant Increase in Followers: Revamped LinkedIn strategies and visual enhancements helped the agency grow from 0 to 1,000 followers within three months, significantly increasing its visibility and credibility on the platform.

Enhanced Meeting Booking: The targeted automation and lead magnet strategy led to the agency consistently booking 7-10 meetings per week, substantially increasing their client engagement and acquisition.

Robust ROI: The comprehensive LinkedIn strategy provided a substantial return on investment, yielding an 8x increase in revenue, which was crucial for the agency’s growth and sustainability.

By strategically enhancing its LinkedIn profile and employing automation techniques, FreshGreen Freedom successfully established a robust online presence, which was instrumental in securing high-value clients and driving significant revenue growth. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted social media strategies in the digital marketing industry, particularly for new agencies looking to make a mark.

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