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SigFig Digital Wealth Solutions Case Study

Optimized their outbound strategy

Created a successful linkedin program


SigFig delivers a robust suite of digital wealth solutions designed to empower financial advisors and their clients. By providing curated digital investing experiences and leveraging cutting-edge technology, SigFig ensures that its services meet a wide range of client goals, from basic to complex. Their platform is tailored to enhance the user experience for both advisors and clients, making financial management seamless and personalized.

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SigFig was facing challenges in generating sufficient outbound leads to engage banks and financial institutions that could benefit from their fintech solutions. The need was to refine their outbound marketing strategy to more effectively target and capture the interest of potential enterprise partners.


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Sales Strategy Audit: Conducted comprehensive Q&A sessions with sales reps and leads to understand the existing challenges and inefficiencies within their current sales strategies.

CRM Funnel Optimization: Audited the existing CRM funnel to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, ensuring a smoother lead management process.

Copy and Messaging Workshop: Hosted workshops to refine and optimize sales copy and messaging, focusing on highlighting SigFig’s unique value propositions to the finance and banking sectors.

LinkedIn Profile Enhancement: Updated and optimized the LinkedIn profiles of sales reps to better reflect their expertise and the benefits of SigFig’s offerings.

Automated LinkedIn Outreach: Implemented Grobot, a proprietary automation tool, to streamline LinkedIn outreach. The strategy included sharing a link that provided free financial management advice, which also directed users to a landing page featuring a calendar for booking meetings and an introductory video.

Strategic Overhaul and Optimization:

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Increased Meeting Bookings: Through these targeted improvements and strategic automation, SigFig saw a 200% increase in their meeting booking rate within the first two months.

Reengagement of Prospects: The new approach also enabled the team to successfully reengage old prospects who had initially declined, converting them into new opportunities.

Expansion of Sales Team: Buoyed by the success of the new strategy, SigFig expanded its sales team from 4 to 8 members within a year, further scaling their outreach capabilities and enhancing overall productivity.

By adopting a comprehensive review and enhancement of their sales processes and utilizing advanced automation tools, SigFig significantly improved their outbound lead generation and engagement with key targets in the banking and financial sectors. This case study demonstrates the impact of a well-coordinated strategy that aligns technological tools with skilled human insights to drive business growth and expand market reach.

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