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Venture Capital at Exaltaret Case Study

Business consulting for owners and founders.

Developed their LinkedIn and email outbound strategy.

Automated their sales process.

Increased meeting set rate by 112%.

Increased revenue 30% in 7 months.

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Exaltaret is a comprehensive revenue advisory firm that has expanded its service offerings through the launch of Exaltaret Ventures. This initiative aims to support early-stage partners by combining direct investment with customized guidance tailored to the specific needs of each venture. The firm's approach not only facilitates direct growth but also serves as a credible reference for other prospective investors and partners.

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The Exaltaret team faced significant challenges in generating enough meetings for their sales representatives on LinkedIn. Previously, reps were only managing to secure an average of two meetings per week, which was insufficient for achieving their business development goals.


Comprehensive Strategy and Optimization:

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CRM and Outbound Prospecting Audit: Conducted a detailed audit of Exaltaret's CRM practices and outbound prospecting strategies to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Copy and Strategy Revision: Reviewed and revised the sales copy and engagement strategies used by the sales team to better capture the attention and interest of potential clients on LinkedIn.

A/B Testing: Implemented A/B testing for various messaging approaches across LinkedIn and Email to determine which strategies resonated best with specific industries targeted by Exaltaret.

Analytics and Feedback Integration: Integrated real-time analytics and feedback mechanisms to continually refine and optimize the messaging and strategies based on performance data.

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Increased Meeting Bookings: Through the strategic overhaul and targeted A/B testing, Exaltaret's team significantly increased their meetings per week from an average of 2 to 7 consistently.

Expanded Use of Sales Tools: The success of these strategies led to the expanded adoption of the Grobot platform within the sales team, facilitating further enhancements in sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Revenue Growth: The improved meeting booking rate contributed directly to a 56% increase in revenue over just 6 months, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Mission team’s strategy and the Grobot tool in transforming Exaltaret’s sales processes.

By strategically auditing and optimizing their CRM and prospecting approaches, and employing targeted testing of sales copy, Exaltaret was able to dramatically improve their engagement with potential clients. This case study highlights the importance of tailored sales strategies and the effective use of technology to enhance business development efforts in the venture capital industry.

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