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Pace University

Pace University and Grobot Educational Partnership Case Study

Helped University Students of Pace University learn how to automate their sales process to find success in the sales climate today.

Students created a grobot account and used our LinkedIn strategy to book meetings for StateFarm.

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Pace University is a top-ranked educational institution with a diverse array of schools and colleges. One notable program is led by Harvey Moskovitz, a seasoned sales leader and advocate of the Goldcall script, which is integrated into Pace’s sales curriculum. This program aims to equip students with cutting-edge sales tools and techniques, preparing them for success in the evolving sales landscape.

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As the sales industry shifts away from traditional cold calling to more sophisticated, automated approaches, Harvey Moskovitz recognized the need to introduce his students to modern sales automation tools. However, the university was reluctant to allocate sufficient budget for the tools needed to adequately train all students, posing a significant barrier to the program’s expansion and effectiveness.

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Strategic Educational Collaboration:

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Tool Access: The Mission team provided free access to Grobot, our proprietary lead automation tool, for Harvey's students. This not only allowed them to learn modern sales techniques but also offered them hands-on experience with real-world tools.

Practical Application: In return for using Grobot, students were tasked with prospecting on behalf of the Mission team to arrange more demos and marketing consultations for the Grobot platform, thereby gaining practical experience in sales prospecting and lead generation.

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Increased Engagement: The initiative saw a high volume of student-led prospecting, significantly increasing the number of meetings and demos scheduled.

Business Growth: The influx of new business was so substantial that it necessitated the hiring of two additional employees to support the overwhelmed sales team.

Revenue Impact: This innovative educational partnership led to a 50% increase in revenue in less than three months, coinciding with the academic semester.

Through this partnership, Pace University students gained invaluable real-world experience in sales automation and lead generation, while Grobot benefited from an expanded market presence and accelerated revenue growth. This case study exemplifies the potential of combining educational initiatives with business objectives to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

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