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FIC Human Resource

FIC Human Resource

Built out their email and LinkedIn outbound strategy by leveraging automation for multi channel outreach


LinkedIn Posts

Increased meeting set rate by 40-60% MoM


FIC Human Resource Partners provides a groundbreaking platform named NUANCE, designed to foster inclusive cultures of belonging within organizations. NUANCE is an innovative approach that helps organizations understand and navigate the complex interplay of company policies with employees' daily interactions and identities, ensuring that culture goals are met and inclusive environments are cultivated.

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FIC Human Resource Partners faced several key challenges in scaling their impact and reaching their target audience:

Visibility on LinkedIn: Needed to enhance their presence on LinkedIn to effectively communicate their message and engage potential clients.
Sales Lead Generation: Required a strategy to increase sales through LinkedIn prospecting.
Thought Leadership and Traffic: Needed to establish themselves as thought leaders through SEO-optimized blog content that would also drive traffic to their website.


Integrated SEO and LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:

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SEO Audit and Optimization:

  • Conducted an SEO audit to identify opportunities for quick wins and areas for improvement.

  • Optimized the website with SEO-enriched keywords to enhance organic search visibility.

  • Created SEO-optimized blog content focused on thought leadership to attract and engage a targeted audience.

LinkedIn Automation and Engagement:

  • Implemented a LinkedIn automation strategy using Grobot to streamline and increase the efficiency of prospecting activities.

  • Developed and deployed SEO-optimized LinkedIn posts to enhance visibility and attract new followers.

  • Scheduled regular updates and engaging content to maintain a dynamic presence and foster community growth on LinkedIn.

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Enhanced Meeting Booking Rate: Through the use of LinkedIn automation and targeted messaging, the sales team’s meeting booking rate increased from 2 per week to between 5 and 8 per week.

Significant Increase in Web Traffic: The SEO strategies led to a 112% increase in inbound traffic over six months, significantly enhancing the website's visibility and user engagement.

Growth in LinkedIn Following: The strategic content and regular engagement on LinkedIn grew the company’s following from 50 to over 300 consistent followers in less than two months, establishing a robust platform for ongoing interaction and lead generation.

Through a combination of targeted SEO enhancements and strategic LinkedIn marketing, FIC Human Resource Partners successfully overcame their digital marketing challenges. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a holistic approach to digital marketing in building brand presence, fostering thought leadership, and driving sales in a competitive market.

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