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Coredadi Marketing Technology Platform Case Study

Built out their email and LinkedIn outbound strategy by leveraging automation for multi channel outreach

Helped them identify their target audience in the pest control industry through LinkedIn by providing detailed search boolean strategy and optimizing their messaging to resonate with their target audience

Increased their meeting set rate by 300%

They sold a grobot lead for $75,000 in the first three months of working with us

Increased profits by 30%

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Coredadi is an innovative marketing technology platform that revolutionizes customer engagement by focusing on precise location-based marketing. Their strategy targets specific properties and locations, such as homes visited by service providers, to deliver targeted advertisements through platforms like Apple TV and Hulu. This ensures that marketing messages are relevant and timely, based on the user's location and current situation.

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Coredadi faced significant challenges in penetrating the pest control market, as well as other home service industries including plumbing and electrical services. These sectors lack traditional industry categorizations on platforms like LinkedIn, complicating efforts to reach decision-makers effectively.


Strategic Planning and Execution:

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Market Analysis: Conducted a detailed analysis of the home service industries to understand the market dynamics and identify key decision-makers within the sectors.

Customized LinkedIn Strategy: Developed a tailored LinkedIn strategy that involved using Boolean searches to precisely target potential high-revenue clients within the challenging industries of pest control, HVAC, and plumbing.

Automation Integration: Integrated Grobot, our proprietary lead automation tool, to streamline and enhance outreach efforts on LinkedIn and via email. This automation was pivotal in managing large volumes of outreach while maintaining personalized communication.

Content and Messaging: Crafted industry-specific messaging that highlighted Coredadi’s unique value in location-based marketing, positioning the platform as essential for enhancing customer interactions and increasing marketing efficacy.

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Significant Account Win: Within the first two months of implementing the new strategy, Coredadi secured a major account worth $70,000, realizing a 12x return on investment.

Continued Success: This initial success spurred further deals, with multiple transactions ranging between $10,000 to $20,000, cumulating over $115,000 in profit within the first six months.

Market Penetration: The strategic approach not only facilitated entry into the pest control market but also strengthened Coredadi’s presence in other home service industries, establishing it as a versatile and effective solution for location-based marketing challenges.

Through targeted strategic planning, precise market analysis, and innovative automation, Coredadi effectively expanded its market reach and demonstrated the power of its platform in sectors traditionally difficult to penetrate. This case study exemplifies the potential of combining tailored marketing strategies with advanced technology to drive substantial business growth and market expansion.

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