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TradeLink Solutions

Lead Generation and Social Media Strategy Case Study

LinkedIn Posting

Building lead generation funnel for new hires

Increased meeting set rate by 300% in the first two months


TradeLink Solutions has been a cornerstone in talent acquisition for the construction and engineering industries for over 15 years, specializing in sourcing candidates across various sectors including residential, commercial, and sustainable energy. They provide comprehensive recruitment services designed to connect highly qualified candidates with suitable companies, streamlining the hiring process for contractors and businesses alike.

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TradeLink faced significant challenges in generating new leads in Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia, crucial markets for their business. Additionally, their presence on LinkedIn—where a significant portion of their target recruiting audience is active—was virtually nonexistent.

This lack of social media engagement hindered their ability to reach potential clients effectively.


Digital Marketing and Platform Optimization:

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Platform Audit: Conducted a detailed evaluation of TradeLink’s existing marketing and lead generation efforts to identify areas of improvement.

AI-Driven Automation: Integrated a proprietary AI platform, Grobot, to automate outreach on LinkedIn and email, enhancing efficiency in sharing content and booking meetings.

Content Marketing Strategy: Developed and executed a LinkedIn-specific content marketing strategy aimed at engaging owners of construction facilities, focusing on growth and visibility.

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Lead Generation Funnel Optimization: Successfully enhanced the lead generation funnel, improving the process of nurturing leads through targeted email marketing and strategic content dissemination.

Increased Engagement Rates: Achieved a 300% increase in the meeting set rate within the first two months of implementation, with consistent monthly growth ranging from 23% to 42%.

Expanded Digital Footprint: Established a solid social media presence on LinkedIn, significantly increasing visibility and engagement with key demographic groups within the construction and engineering sectors.

Through targeted digital strategies and the integration of advanced AI technology, TradeLink Solutions not only revitalized their lead generation processes but also established a commanding presence on LinkedIn, enabling them to connect more effectively with potential clients and industry partners.

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