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People Pragmatics

People Pragmatics Case Study

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People Pragmatics is a consultancy composed of veteran HR executives specializing in performance reviews for businesses ranging from nimble startups to Fortune 500 companies. They offer comprehensive services—from defining scope and designing processes to coaching leadership and assisting with team development—to ensure your business meets its objectives today and scales effectively tomorrow.

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People Pragmatics faced the challenge of designing a new website to enhance lead generation and optimize for search engine visibility. The existing website did not effectively support the company's strategic goal of capturing and converting leads, particularly as they expanded their market presence.


Website Optimization

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Web Development: Our web team crafted a new homepage and category-specific landing pages, overhauling the site’s navigation to create a more intuitive user experience.

SEO Strategy: In parallel, our SEO specialists developed and implemented a content strategy optimized for search engines, focusing on keyword integration and relevance to boost organic visibility.


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Technical Implementation: We enhanced the backend SEO features, ensuring faster load times and improved metadata across the site.

Content Creation: Produced high-quality, SEO-driven articles and resource materials to establish People Pragmatic as a thought leader in the HR space.

Lead Capture Optimization: Integrated advanced lead capture forms and calls-to-action to nurture site visitors into leads.

PEO Consulting
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Organic Traffic: Achieved a 73% increase in organic traffic within the first three months post-launch.

Lead Generation: The website's optimization led to a significant increase in lead generation, with opportunities generated by the website growing by 45% in just two months.

Conversion Efficiency: Enhanced site structure and optimized content pathways resulted in improved engagement metrics and higher conversion rates.

By redefining their digital presence, People Pragmatics not only enhanced their capability to attract and convert leads but also solidified their standing as industry leaders capable of adapting to both market and client needs.

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