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Discover Claims

Discover Claims SEO and LinkedIn Strategy Case Study

SEO optimized content and blog posts

Increased online traffic by 310%

SEO optimized LinkedIn posts to help generate inbound traffic

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Discover Claims is at the forefront of providing Complex Third-Party Liability (TPL) and Mass Tort / Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Discovery Analytics within the U.S. healthcare system. Their mission is to innovate and deliver advanced discovery analytics and related business intelligence, aiding healthcare providers and self-insured employers in optimizing recovery and reducing expenses. Their proprietary technology identifies unknown third-party payment sources in written-off Accounts Receivables, a crucial service that helps hospitals reclaim lost revenue.

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Discover Claims faced multiple challenges in enhancing their digital footprint and lead generation:

SEO Optimization: Needed to increase organic traffic to their website to raise awareness and capture leads.
LinkedIn Presence: Required a robust strategy for posting thought leadership content and automating sales outreach on LinkedIn to engage with potential clients and industry peers.


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SEO Enhancement:

Keyword Strategy: Implemented refined targeting and keyword optimization tactics on Google and Bing to attract high-intent traffic.
Website Optimization: Made specific SEO enhancements to the website, focusing on incorporating relevant keywords and improving site structure and content for better search engine visibility.

LinkedIn Strategy:

Content Development: Built a repository of thought leadership content to establish authority and engage with the LinkedIn community.
Automated Outreach: Utilized LinkedIn automation tools for sales reps to streamline lead generation and initial outreach processes.
Email Nurture Path: Developed and defined a structured email nurture path to engage leads at various stages of the funnel, enhancing lead management and conversion.

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Increased Lead Quality and Quantity: The strategic enhancements in SEO and LinkedIn strategies led to a 20% increase in quality leads, indicating higher engagement and interest from potential clients.

Significant Growth in Organic Traffic: SEO improvements resulted in a 300% increase in organic traffic, dramatically boosting Discover Claims' online visibility and potential customer engagement.

Enhanced Thought Leadership and Sales Efficiency: The content repository and automated LinkedIn outreach helped position Discover Claims as a thought leader in the TPL and MDL analytics space, while also increasing sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Through a combination of targeted SEO practices, strategic content creation, and sales automation, Discover Claims successfully addressed their digital marketing challenges. This case study exemplifies how integrated strategies across different digital platforms can synergistically enhance a company’s lead generation and online presence, leading to substantial business growth.

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