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Oracle Netsuite

Oracle NetSuite Case Study

LinkedIn automation to help book meetings for their sales team



Oracle NetSuite, the world’s leading provider of integrated cloud business software suites, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), helps companies manage inventory, track financials, run e-commerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management systems. Oracle acquired NetSuite in November 2016, enhancing its capabilities and expanding its reach.

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NetSuite’s sales team was seeking an alternative solution to Salesforce for outbound prospecting that could increase their efficiency and effectiveness in booking meetings.


Implementation of New Automation Tool:

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Tool Selection: After evaluating various options, NetSuite chose Grobot, an advanced LinkedIn and email outbound automation tool, tailored to meet the needs of high-paced sales environments.

Integration and Training: The mission team facilitated the integration of Grobot with NetSuite’s existing systems and conducted training sessions for team members to maximize their proficiency with the new tool.

Strategic Campaign Management: Deployed targeted campaigns using Grobot to automate and optimize outbound prospecting efforts on LinkedIn and via email.

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Increased Meeting Bookings: With the help of Grobot, sales team members significantly increased their productivity, moving from an average of three to ten meetings per week.

Territorial Expansion: The enhanced outreach capability allowed the sales team to penetrate new territories, expanding NetSuite’s market presence and potential customer base.

Sales Efficiency Improvement: The automation and streamlining of outbound prospecting processes resulted in a more efficient sales workflow, freeing up team members to focus on closing deals and fostering customer relationships.

Through the adoption of Grobot for outbound prospecting, Oracle NetSuite’s sales team not only improved their meeting booking rate but also expanded their reach into new markets, demonstrating the effectiveness of integrating the right tools into the sales process. This case study exemplifies how technological enhancements can drive sales performance and support business expansion.

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