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Return to Home Port (R2HP)

Return to Home Port (R2HP) Case Study

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Return to Home Port (R2HP) is a premier military recruiting agency founded by Navy Captain (Ret) David Sauve, who brings over 30 years of experience in government and corporate affairs and specializes in leadership, strategy, and analysis. Leveraging a proprietary approach that combines analytical methodologies with deliberate planning and integrity, R2HP maximizes outcomes for both organizations and job seekers.

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R2HP needed a multifaceted website that could effectively cater to two distinct user groups: talent seekers and job seekers. The website also required bilingual capabilities to accommodate both English and Spanish speakers. The primary challenge was that the existing website did not facilitate easy navigation or engagement, leading to a high bounce rate, as visitors struggled to find the contact page and relevant information quickly.


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Web Audit and Redesign:

Performance Audit: Conducted a thorough audit of the existing site to identify key issues affecting user experience and lead generation. The audit revealed that most visitors left the site within five seconds due to navigation difficulties.
User Experience Enhancement: Redesigned the website to include pop-ups that guide users appropriately, dividing the contact page into sections for job seekers and talent seekers to streamline the user journey.
Content Strategy: Implemented a storytelling approach on the landing page, progressively unveiling R2HP’s narrative and mission, with opportunities embedded throughout for users to learn more and engage deeper with the content.

Email Marketing:

The Mission Team created and developed an email marketing campaign to provide thought leadership in the military recruiting space.
Created an email welcome series for the website to incentivise leads to provide email information to consistently nurture them through email marketing.

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Website Transformation: Launched a fully revitalized website, optimized for lead generation and user engagement. The new design addresses the needs of diverse user groups while maintaining a clear, navigable structure.

Enhanced User Engagement: Introduction of strategic pop-ups and a split contact page significantly reduced bounce rates and improved user interaction.

Lead Capture and Nurturing: Integrated robust email capture mechanisms to nurture leads based on user actions, tailoring information and follow-ups to match visitor behavior and interests.

Through these targeted enhancements, Return to Home Port has not only revitalized its digital presence but also enhanced its ability to connect effectively with a broad audience, ensuring that both talent seekers and job seekers have a seamless and informative experience that aligns with their specific needs.

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