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Solutions for growing your business

Your company is on a mission to excel.  You have big plans and even bigger dreams.  We can help you get there faster.  More than just a service provider, we are a true partner.  As you grow, we grow.  We are completely invested in your success.  Because your mission is also our mission.


What can we do for you?

Our resources and experience make us the perfect match to help your company get to the next level. 


Whether you're recruiting, onboarding, processing payroll, managing benefits, or need a better digital marketing strategy, Mission can help you create the roadmap to achieve lasting growth while avoiding many of the pitfalls businesses face today. 

With great partners, anything is possible

Experience the power of a winning growth strategy


Why should you consider a PEO?

Not all HR solutions are equal for growing businesses

We have the expertise you’re looking for with over 40 years of experience, access to the best in HR expertise, and more customizable solutions than any of our competitors. Through our PEO and ASO solutions, you’ll experience:

Extensive human resources, talent, and compliance

Fortune 500 level benefits

Dedicated human capital experts

Strategic and tactical human resource solutions

Best in class technology with robust reporting capabilities

National coverage available in all 50 states

Comprehensive risk management solutions

PEOs improve business performance

Companies that utilize the PEO model grow 7 to 9% faster as compared to other similarly sized businesses.

What is a PEO?

A professional employer organization (PEO) provides comprehensive HR solutions for growing small and mid-size businesses across the country. 


The Mission HR can bring you the best in class PEO solutions that bundle payroll, compliance, human resources, and benefits under one solution while helping to eliminate employment-related hassles and administration. Not to mention, the buying power, you'll have access to provide the best in benefits at the most competitive rates.

Transforming human resources into human rescue

Like never before, you can work with organizations that line up with causes you care about. When you align with us, you are making a lasting impact on the battle against human trafficking. Our one of a kind strategy is the first to change "Human Resources into Human Rescue". We know this concept is new to many, so you can get to a simplified illustration of our plan by going to our social entrepreneurship page or by clicking directly on the links to Haven. We would love to answer your questions and explain more, so just ask us. 

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What people say

Client, Wendell, North Carolina - Unique Concepts, The Mission HR, Payroll, PEO, HR, Benefits

"Working with The Mission, I feel that I have a true partner and advocate for my company.  I am also happy to help them support their mission."

Fred, Owner

Client, Canton, Raleigh, North Carolina - NEO Corporation, The Mission HR, Payroll, PEO, HR, Benefits

"The Mission provided us viable options to meet the needs that we required. ”

Nathan, Business Manager

Client, Raleigh, North Carolina - IRIS Coffee House, The Mission HR, Payroll, PEO, HR, Benefits

"Mission was there every step of the way to make sure we had everything we needed."

David, Owner

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