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Group Health Insurance


Simplifying Group Health Insurance is Easy

Selecting employee health benefits doesn't need to be difficult or overwhelming. Furthermore, when you get benefits right, they can give you some key advantages. With the war on talent and such a tight labor market, it's often your benefits package that makes the difference. So don't leave it up to chance, let the professionals at Mission HR handle this for you.


Expert Advice on What to Offer

During open enrollment each year, we will review all of your benefit plans and contribution strategies to minimize mistakes and mitigate future exposure. We will help you compare and contrast your best options and make an educated decision about which plans are best for your company and valued employees.

Access to Answers

Employees will have direct access to professionals who can help them enroll in benefits online and are glad to help answer difficult benefit questions.


Benefits Your Team will Love

Like most companies, you need access to the best benefits and expertise that gives you the right benefits, in the right place, at the right time. With The Mission HR on your team, that is what you can expect:


Access to the most competitive networks and national providers, to deliver the plans that meet the needs of your business and your employees at the most competitive rates. 


Help with managing the benefits plan consistently, reducing the administrative burden of offering benefits while handling the day to day requirements of terminations, life-changing events, enrollments, and renewals.


We can provide integration with payroll, which ultimately helps your organization simplify changes in payroll deductions as a result of enrollments, and other changes.


Fortune 500 benefits are possible with our PEO Solutions

Leverage Buying Power

You may not be a large employer, but by partnering with a PEO, you can tap into the purchasing power of an organization with thousands of employees to give your business the look and feel of Fortune-500 benefits and HR solutions.  With a PEO you can offer your employees the highest-quality benefits that only enterprise-level companies can provide their employees


Learn more about working with us to see if a PEO solution is right for you.

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