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Insperity Review: Is It the Right PEO for Your Business?

Insperity Review: Is It the Right PEO for Your Business?
Insperity Review: Is It the Right PEO for Your Business?

Insperity is a well-known Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that caters to small businesses with a comprehensive approach to HR management, but is it the right fit for your company? To help you with this decision, we’ve reviewed Insperity's key PEO and HR services and features and compared them with other top options in the PEO and HR outsourcing industry.

While Insperity offers a wide range of services and demonstrates strengths in certain areas, customers' reviews highlight notable areas for improvement. We'll look at the pros and cons of partnering with Insperity and compare them to other top PEO and HR outsourcing providers to give you a broader perspective.

What is Insperity PEO?

Insperity (formerly Administaff) is a Houston-based company specializing in HR and administrative services for small and medium-sized businesses. Since its inception in 1986, Insperity has expanded from a two-person startup with three clients to a publicly traded company. They now offer business solutions supporting over 100,000 businesses and 2 million employees.

Insperity caters to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) seeking a one-stop shop for HR solutions. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including employee benefits administration, payroll processing, HR compliance support, talent management tools, and dedicated HR guidance.


  1. Convenience: Insperity offers bundled HR and payroll services, allowing businesses to outsource these tasks and save time.

  2. Expertise and Compliance: They provide access to HR specialists who can offer guidance and ensure compliance.

  3. Improved Employee Benefits: Many customers mentioned obtaining better health insurance rates and benefits packages through Insperity.

  4. Good Customer Service: Several clients reported positive experiences with customer support representatives who were helpful and responsive.

  5. Better Rates for Smaller Businesses: Insperity can provide smaller businesses with access to benefits and insurance options they might not be able to secure on their own.


  1. Cost: A recurring theme in the reviews was that Insperity's services can be expensive, especially for smaller businesses with basic HR needs. Some clients felt the pricing structure lacked transparency.

  2. No global payroll: Businesses aiming to expand globally may face challenges with Insperity's limited global payroll capabilities. Without this feature, handling an international workforce can become complicated and time-consuming.

  3. Contract Lock-in: Some customers complained about lengthy contracts and difficulty terminating the service.

  4. Limited Customization: While Insperity offers a variety of services, its offerings may not be fully customizable to meet the specific needs of every business.

  5. User-friendliness of Platform: A couple of reviews mentioned the platform itself being not user-friendly and requiring contacting support for even minor changes.

  6. Minimum Employee Requirement: Insperity requires a minimum of 5 employees to use their services. This can be a barrier for startups or very small businesses that may not have reached that threshold yet, but could still benefit from some HR outsourcing assistance.

What Does Insperity PEO Offer?

Insperity offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions designed to streamline your processes and free up valuable time for small and medium-sized businesses. Here's a closer look at some of their key offerings and how they can benefit your organization:

1. Employee Benefits Administration

Insperity takes the burden off your shoulders when it comes to employee benefits. They leverage their buying power to offer Fortune 500-level benefits, including medical, dental, and vision plans, under their sponsored programs. This simplifies administration for you, as they handle everything from your HR plan design and enrollment to ongoing management. 

Employees can also take advantage of flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) to further personalize their benefits package and potentially save on qualified healthcare expenses.

2. HR Administration and Payroll

Inperity’s "Workforce Optimization" solution tackles the time-consuming tasks that often bog down HR teams. This includes payroll processing, with options for convenient delivery. They also handle tax filing and compliance for payroll taxes you pay, along with providing support from payroll specialists. 

Additionally, the service integrates time and attendance tracking, streamlining this process and reducing paperwork. You can even manage new-hire onboarding electronically, further saving time and resources.

3. Risk Management and Compliance

Staying up-to-date on employment laws and regulations can be a constant challenge. Insperity's HR risk management services help you navigate this complexity by monitoring and communicating changes that could impact your business. They offer access to cost-effective workers' compensation insurance and can assist with claims management, potentially reducing your overall risk. HR risk assessments help identify potential vulnerabilities in your current practices, allowing you to proactively address them and minimize potential liability.

4. Talent Management

Insperity's talent management services can help you find and retain top talent. They offer personalized guidance and tools, including support with recruiting program review and job description development, interview training, and compensation planning. You can also access a library of training resources to help your employees develop their skills and maximize their performance.

5. HR Support

Having access to dedicated HR expertise is invaluable, especially for businesses with limited HR resources. Insperity provides a dedicated team of specialists assigned to your account, offering ongoing guidance and support for all your HR needs. Whether you have a complex legal question or a routine administrative inquiry, your dedicated HR team (from Insperity) is there to assist you. They also proactively keep you informed about changes in HR-related laws and regulations that apply to your business.

6. HR Technology Platform

Insperity offers a user-friendly HR technology platform that integrates HR, payroll, and performance management tools. This allows you to manage your workforce efficiently and gain valuable insights into key areas. It features functionalities like secure recordkeeping, payroll and time and attendance management, custom reports generation, applicant tracking, onboarding tools, benefits enrollment options, and performance management tracking.

Customers' Reviews

Insperity is praised for its wide range of HR services and expert HR staff. On Consumer Affairs, it has an overall customer rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. Customers appreciate their responsiveness and expertise in tackling complex HR issues. This dedicated support is a big plus for businesses needing a helping hand. Customers also praise the convenience of having payroll, benefits, and insurance all managed by Insperity. This one-stop shop saves time and streamlines operations, especially for small businesses.

However, Insperity requires at least five employees in order to use their services. Some customers find certain processes, like onboarding and leave management, a bit tricky with no clear instructions. Another concern is cost. Some users wonder if the benefits justify the expense, especially without a clear breakdown of charges. There are also reports of inconsistent customer service, particularly during transitions or with middle management. 

Improving service consistency across the board would boost customer satisfaction.

Also, focusing on simplifying processes, increasing cost transparency, and ensuring consistent service quality could make Insperity an even more attractive option for businesses.

Is Insperity Right for Your Business?

Insperity is a reliable option for SMBs experiencing growing pains and struggling to manage HR tasks in-house. Their comprehensive approach can be a boon for businesses seeking to streamline operations, mitigate compliance risks, and enhance their talent management strategies.

However, the potential for significant cost and the limitations of the PEO model warrant careful consideration before making a decision. You should research all options and ensure Insperity aligns with your specific business needs and budget.

We recommend that you prepare a list of questions for your demo call with Insperity to ensure you gain a clear understanding of their services and pricing structure. Consider exploring alternative HR solutions if you're a smaller business with simpler HR needs or if the PEO model isn't a good fit for your organization.

If you're hesitant about partnering with Insperity due to the high costs, The Mission can assist you. We've leveraged our strong relationships with leading PEO providers, including Insperity, to negotiate significantly better terms for our clients.

Insperity Alternatives

While Insperity offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions, it may not be the perfect fit for every business. Here are some popular alternatives that you may want to consider when deciding which PEO to partner with:

  1. Vensure HR: This provider focuses on risk management and compliance, offering services like workers' compensation insurance, safety training, and HR consulting. They may be a good option for businesses seeking a more specialized solution to mitigate HR risks. 

  2. Resourcing Edge: Resourcing Edge caters to small businesses, offering a combination of payroll, benefits administration, and basic HR support. They may be a good alternative for businesses needing a cost-effective solution for core HR tasks.

  3. CoAdvantage: CoAdvantage offers a similar range of services to Insperity, including payroll, benefits administration, HR compliance, and risk management.  They may be a particularly attractive option for businesses concerned about the cost of Insperity's services. Their pricing structure typically falls within the range of $115-$150 per employee, and includes dedicated HR consulting and considerable workforce support.


Learn more about the individual offerings of these PEOs and how they compare to Insperity.

How Mission HR Can Help

Selecting the right PEO partner can be a complex process. At The Mission, we understand the intricacies involved and are dedicated to guiding businesses like yours through a smooth and informed decision. Our team leverages years of experience and in-depth HR expertise to address all your outsourcing concerns comprehensively. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about choosing the right PEO for your business.


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