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10 Best Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) Companies (2023)

The following are some of the best professional employer organizations (PEOs) that will lease employees to small business owners. These PEO's take care of all administrative tasks like payroll, benefits enrollment, and management; giving you more time for running your own company!

What is a PEO?

With a PEO, you get the best of both worlds: peace of mind that your employees are being well-taken care of while not having to worry about hiring an entire team. With outsourcing all these responsibilities it’s easy for small businesses - who might only have one or two full-time positions open at any given moment – to focus on what they do best and let someone else handle everything else!

Working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is ideal for small and mid-size businesses to add great talents to their teams and offer competitive employee benefits. The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) believes that companies that partner with top PEO services report 10-14% lower employee turnover and a growth rate of 7-9%. The PEO handles all compensation, compliance, and payroll-related duties, while the client organization focuses mainly on providing a conducive work environment.

Why a PEO?

For many business owners, the advantages they receive from not hiring additional staff, multiple vendors, and consultants are enough. Still, there are also significant personal advantages with better employee benefits packages and the peace of mind knowing your business is protected with on-call HR support. Some even have industry-specific solutions or work in specialized industries.

Working with a professional employer organization is essentially a co-employment arrangement with a PEO services provider. However, many of the liabilities associated with this sort of partnership go to the PEO. For instance, when payroll taxes and salaries are not paid at the right time or filed incorrectly, the PEO services provider is usually held accountable for such discrepancies. If you’re thinking of choosing an HR services platform or looking to switch PEOs, this list will be of immense help to you.

What to Look for from a PEO Company

Different PEOs offer various services and benefits, but they all have one thing in common: protection. When choosing the right company for your business needs there's more than just what you need from them; it also comes down to how well these organizations fit with each individual employee’s lifestyle - whether that means providing health care coverage or allowing flexible work hours among other things. Here is a list of items to keep in mind so you can shortlist your best fit PEO:



If you're not sure what kind of PEO company to go with, then it's important that prices are varied among these companies. Some might charge less than others for small business owners who need help managing employees and their work schedules--perhaps even significantly so!

In order get quotes from all the potential vendors on your list consider how long term as well as short-term needs will be met by each option before picking just one vendor in this field since ultimately price may play a role when deciding which provider best suits one’s own personal situation.


Benefits Options

PEO services will help you get the basics covered, but what about everything else? Do your employees have enough options for employee benefits so they're happy with their jobs and stay on board long-term. It's important to consider this carefully because retention rates affect how much money a PEO saves you.


Quality of Service

The question on every person's mind when they hear the word "PEO" is whether or not that organization has what it takes to provide quality service.

Can they provide me with human resource administrative services? Are their team members knowledgeable and able to help without delay or problems when it comes time for you make an appointment?

So before you get too excited about how great your new company will be, take some time and research other clients' experiences with them.


Size Minimums

PEO companies vary tremendously in terms of size and capability. Some have a five or ten employee minimum, while others can accommodate more businesses per provider if they are partnerships with larger networks.

The pricing will also be affected by how many people your business employs; some small firms might find themselves paying too much for coverage due the limitations imposed on them when using certain PEO providers compared to other organizations, while others will cater specifically toward different types ranging from sole proprietorships all way up through multi million dollar corporations which is why we recommend doing research before choosing.


Customer Service

The most important thing in any company is customer service. When things go wrong with your PEO arrangement or the online tools you are using, it can get overly complicated and problematic if they aren’t resolved promptly - which means good old fashioned human intervention will always be a must have!


Online Platform and Self Service

It is important to take time when looking at the different platforms available. You need an online system that meets your needs and will work for both you AND your employees, so try taking a peek in what they use by checking out some of their user interface or features as well as a platform demo.



We've already covered a lot of different factors you should consider when searching for the best PEO provider. Next up: look at how many accreditations each company has so we can make sure our investment goes as planted without any unplanned risks or scandals later down road.

PEOs are more than just an HR company - they're your partner in business success. That's why you may want to consider finding a PEO that uses The Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). It’s made up of top attorneys and CPAs committed not only for integrity but also trust; other accreditation agencies include the IRS, Certification Institute or National Association Professional Employers Organizations (NAPEO).

While NAPEO is primarily focused on protecting its members from liability within this industry, it also requires an annual audit confirmation process that includes having financial statements reviewed.

Information on Certified Professional Employer Organizations

Now for the list of our 10 top professional employer organization services companies in 2022:

Resourcing Edge

Resourcing Edge has provided long-term strategies to help clients control costs by reducing risks, and payroll processing, human resources, and employee benefits since 2003. They take the time to work closely with companies to design a package that best fits the clients' specific needs.

If you’re on the lookout for human resources and PEO services provider that integrates the latest technologies in their services and processes, you would be right to choose Resourcing Edge. Operating with decades of experience, Resourcing Edge prides itself as an industry leader in human capital management solutions.

Resourcing Edge 360 PEO Technology

With Resourcing Edge, you can get a robust level of services ranging from $90-$115 per month for your employees. No pricing is listed on the website, but our research showed this price includes dedicated HR consulting, safety support, training, and benefits administration!

Top services by Resourcing Edge include:

  • Single point of contact

  • Specialists in every department

  • Development of employee handbooks

  • Employee relations and HR consulting

  • Job description development

  • Unemployment claims management

  • Assistance with hiring and termination

  • Verification of employment

  • EEOC claims management

  • Federal and state compliance management

  • Performance management monitoring

  • 401k retirement plans

Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

Customer appraisals of Resourcing Edge are pretty impressive. Currently, the company offers a fully insured “pay-as-you-go” workers’ compensation coverage to all client employees. It is the third-largest privately held PEO services company in the U.S. Based on customer reviews on Glassdoor, about 60% of employees working or that have worked with Resourcing Edge are willing to refer their friends to the organizations.


  • Multiple partners that provide a more comprehensive range of coverage solutions

  • Excellent and personalized customer service

  • Strong orientation on HR services, training, and safety options, including on-site safety review, online safety training, and OSHA compliance assistance

  • Large selection of benefits and options



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