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What are PEO Services?

And is PEO Right for My Company?

The PEO Digital Package Strategy

What is a PEO Model?

Working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brings exceptional value to your business in the areas of Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Healthcare Compliance, Payroll Processing, Workers' Compensation, and Risk Management. As a comprehensive PEO Partner, The Mission HR focuses on these core solution areas for you, which allows your business to benefit in the following ways:

An Increase In Productivity Will Improve Results

Improvement of productivity for business owners and managers must be a critical component in your strategy to improve the bottom line. By eliminating non-revenue-producing administrative tasks, you and your leaders will be able to spend more time on what matters: managing and growing your business. This is precisely why companies partner with The Mission in the first place.  You can count on The Mission to provide the expertise, technology, and client-centric support you need.  Learn More.

Cutting Costs to Increase Profits

When you partner with The Mission, you will quickly see that we will bring you the most cost-effective solutions to manage your human capital expenses.  We will leverage our expertise and numerous business partners eager to serve our sizable client base with wholesale-priced products. By outsourcing your workforce-related administrative tasks to The Mission, you can take advantage of economies of scale that would otherwise not exist. You can have confidence that our experience allows you to improve business processes and employee productivity. All of which will save your business cash, while providing increased service and support to your valued employees.  Learn More. 

How to Choose a PEO? | PEO Broker | The Mission

PEO Benefits and Health Insurance 

By providing a Fortune 500 Employee Benefits program, you are better equipped to attract and retain top talent.  When contrasting smaller organizations with larger companies, employees will often choose the larger company simply because their benefits program provides everything they are looking for.  This often puts small and medium-sized businesses at a disadvantage with respect to winning the best available talent. When you partner with The Mission, your organization will have access to more cost-effective benefits similarly offered by Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, not only will have you access to core benefits such as medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) retirement plans, The Mission HR also offers access to a variety of employee discount programs, including travel, retail, and business solutions.  Learn More.

How to Protect Your Small Business

The Mission is truly a trusted resource and business partner. We will pull together the best solutions to help you protect and mitigate risk in your business with guidance on legal compliance and administration, including navigating the Affordable Care Act.  We also partner with you in providing solutions that will take full liability for workers’ compensation while providing streamlined risk management, safety, training, and claims management services. This approach will help your safeguard your business amidst the most litigious and regulatory business environment in history.  Learn More.

Is PEO Right for My Company?

The PEO model is an extremely popular choice for owners of small and medium-sized businesses who want to focus more time on their key business initiatives and less on administrative and compliance-related tasks.  If you think a PEO partnership might be right for your business, you can review: 


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