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What is a PEO Broker?

PEO Broker Definition 

The challenge in finding the right PEO solution for a business problem is oftentimes difficult and time-consuming. Many companies may feel unsure about their needs or how to get in touch with an experienced PEO that can help them understand all of their options.  

Mission is a PEO broker that can help you find the perfect match for your company's needs. We have more than two centuries worth of experience in our industry and will get to work right away.  With Mission, all it takes are some details about your business and we will go to work in finding you the PEO Solution that is best suited to helping out with your specific human resources management, benefits, workers' compensation, payroll, and technology needs - we'll take care everything else!

How Mission PEO Consulting Works

Mission is here to help your company find a PEO that fits it perfectly. We understand the needs of businesses and will make sure they are met with one integral package for all their employees, no matter what size or location in order to insure that all parties are completely satisfied!

Step #1 - Initial Consultation


When a client company meets with Mission, we build their business profile so that they can find the perfect PEO within our nationwide network of high-quality PEO service providers. This way there's one less thing for them to worry about and focus on running their businesses smoothly!

Step #2 - Personalized Selection Process

When the quotes are ready and our client is able, we make sure they have all of the information necessary to make a smart business and financial decision with side-by-side comparisons of each provider. We'll show them how easy it can be when you work with one company!

Step #3 - Continual Service and Advocation

The Mission has a 95% client retention rate and 100% satisfaction with our services. We stick by the business owner after they've been matched up to one of Misson HR's highly specialized PEOs, ensuring the relationship between our clients and partners remains strong for years to come - recent reviews show that our clients are all extremely satisfied!

PEO Advantages

PEOs can be a great way to streamline your HR, but they might not always make sense. A brokerage service like the one offered by Mission will help evaluate if PEO is a good fit or not.

A La Carte Services Model

Mission offers a variety of services to ensure that we provide the best possible care and support for our clients. We do this by offering three options: wholesale outsourcing, which can be less expensive than having in-house accounting or HR staff; individual service packages tailored specifically towards your needs as opposed to purchasing everything on an "all-inclusive" basis (this helps cut down costs); A la Carte - allowing you choose exactly what you need without paying extra fees when switching over from another company who provides more than you need.

Our partners offer a variety of services:

  • HRIS Technology

  • Health Insurance

  • Risk Management

  • Payroll

  • Human Resources Consulting

  • Compliance Support

  • Workers' Compensation and Employers Practice Liability Insurance

PEO Broker Services Save You Time

This is a huge reason that companies turn to PEO brokers like Mission. Instead of having the pressure on them, business owners can delegate this work and know when it comes time for the choice they get the inside track to many pros/cons about each company so there isn't any worries or guesswork involved in making an informed decision!

Giving Our Clients the Upperhand

By partnering with a PEO broker like Mission, business owners get the advantage of a PEO marketplace in which the various PEOs across our nationwide network have to compete for their business. This will help reduce prices and ensure quality service is offered at all times - something everyone wants in business today! 

Get Started Working With a PEO Broker

Mission is a reliable outsourcing partner for establishing HR needs. Our company has assisted businesses with five to 1000 employees in every industry and size, so whether you're looking for general assistance or need help managing an existing employee population we can meet all of your requirements!


If interested contact us today by filling out this form on our website via our contact us page.

Is PEO Right for My Company?

The PEO model is an extremely popular choice for owners of small and medium-sized businesses who want to focus more time on their key business initiatives and less on administrative and compliance-related tasks.  If you think a PEO partnership might be right for your business, you can review: 

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