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10 Ways to Give Back This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner! It’s a time we all look forward to sharing beautiful times with family, friends, and loved ones. It’s always a perfect opportunity to create beautiful memories that often last a lifetime. And yes, the true essence of Christmas is to celebrate love, but there’s hardly any meaning to celebrating love when it’s void of sharing and giving.

The same way children bear the image of Santa Claus during the Christmas season is the same way someone beside you now, at the office, in your neighborhood, or at your local worship assembly is hoping to have a truly merry Christmas. So as you and your family make preparations to have a swell time during Christmas, you can also spread the magic to others around you.

Here are 10 ways you can give of what you have and spread some love around you this Christmas.

1. Host a charity Christmas party/dinner for neighbors and colleagues

Do you love to cook or throw small parties? Do you love to see cheerful gatherings of lovely folks? If yes, then this is an opportunity you can explore this Christmas. You can even add a fundraiser to it. Arrange a special Christmas dinner party and invite friends and neighbors to come join you.

Encourage them to donate to a charitable cause in your community or another project that is dear to you and will make Christmas beautiful for other people. Add music to the mix and you can be sure of having a wonderful time with friends.

2. Donate to a local children cause

Donating has always been a great way to celebrate Christmas with others. Children particularly are often expectant of gifts this period. You can scan your neighborhood for children who may not be getting much, or anything at all this Christmas and be a blessing to them. You can also give gifts to their parents or caretakers. Consider visiting the nearest children's homes to you, but check in with the authorities to know exactly what they'll be needing the most.

3. Support local small businesses

Christmas is a time for shopping. Everywhere you turn, someone is shopping for clothing items, foodstuff, hampers, groceries, toys, and so on. A good way to spread the love is by supporting the small local stores around you. In fact, I bet they're counting on your patronage this season. Whether you're shopping online or in-store, consider patronizing the small businesses around you.

4. Support a community cause

This is a time when many communities launch programs aimed at helping the underserved population or underprivileged ones among them with different items. Whatever the cause is, as long as it contributes to humanity and puts a smile on someone's face, you, too, can be a part of it.

5. Volunteer at a community dinner or foodbank

Lots of charities currently need volunteers who can help with preparing foods, packaging the foods, distributing them, and managing people. You can either volunteer your time or skills. If you check your local council, you might find one or more food banks and soup kitchens that need volunteers. You can also support a local fundraiser by donating and spreading the word about it. Even if you don't have to give, consider joining the campaign and getting others to join in.

6. Specifically reach out to one family or even more

You can pick out a family you know needs the help and send them customized gifts. By this, I mean picking out gift items you know they need, maybe even beyond the holidays. Blankets, stockings, hoodies, food supplies, toys for the children, storybooks, and just about any other thing that will benefit the family.

Consider encouraging your entire family to be part of this project. You can tell your kids to package their old toys and give them out to other children. It also helps them appreciate the spirit of Christmas.

7. Make Christmas treats and share with colleagues at work or your neighbors

Another great idea you can consider is making Christmas treats that you can share at work. This can range from yummy snacks to delicious a meal made with love. No doubt, your neighbors and co-workers would love to be a part of this. After all, Christmas is for sharing. If you're visiting your neighbors, you can even spend some time chatting with the family and playing with the kids.

8. Share surprise gifts

Here's an excellent way to make someone smile this Christmas. There are many gift ideas for everyone. If you're not sure what to gift your loving spouse, doting parents, admirable colleagues, or that cheerful neighbor that greets you with a warm smile every morning, you can look at online stores or local gift stores around you.

There are a million gift ideas that you'll find. Package them and send them out with beautifully hand-written notes and ensure that the hosts truly represent the idea of giving back. Now, that's a great way to make someone's Christmas.

9. Send out Christmas cards

Christmas cards never lose their flair. From people in your neighborhood to your local worship assembly and your colleagues at work, there are people who will appreciate a thoughtful Christmas card packaged and sent with love.

10. Give to your local worship assembly

Many churches and faith-based organizations leverage the Christmas season to spread love to their members and surrounding communities. To be a part of this, consider donating in cash or kind. Try to find out from your pastor or church leaders what the focus is and how they want to receive donations. Whether cash or physical items, it will be great to join the cause by giving your own quota.

Set Your Ideas in Motion

Does any of these ideas resonate with your plans for Christmas this year? Whether it does or not, you can go all out and be the reason someone has a beautiful Christmas this season. Giving is fun; it brings fulfillment to the giver and satisfaction to the receiver.


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