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Disorganization And Its Effects On Productivity

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Full-time office employees are wasting 76 hours a year looking for files in their office or on their computer. Employers are always looking for ways to boost productivity and employee morale and several studies published over the past few years suggest a clean, organized office can improve both.

Disorganization and its Effects on Productivity

According to one survey, only 21% would give themselves an “A” for organization and 35% would be ashamed if someone saw their desk. So it is no surprise that over 1/3 of office workers cite visitors as a reason to organize their work space. Employees are equally, if not more critical, of their coworkers. 85% of workers feel they are more organized than their coworkers and 57% judge their coworkers by how organized their desk is.

Another Way To Increase Productivity

Lost time is not the only consequence of a messy workplace. A majority of workers feel frustrated, annoyed and less confident when they are disorganized. Employees also cite several excuses for failing to get organized. The most common excuse is lack of time — ironic considering the time wasted by being disorganized. Too much work and lack of space are other common excuses, but overcoming these issues is the first step to becoming a more productive worker and having a more productive office. Managers and business owners who see organizational issues affecting worker productivity might consider asking employees what they need, be it time, space, or materials, to become more organized.

Employee Benefits Equal Employee Productivity and Employee Retention

Productivity and time management are significant concerns among business owners. Disorganized workplaces cost time and money. In addition, sick, disengaged, and unhappy employees are less productive. It is often difficult for HR teams to recognize and devote attention towards these issues. It is especially difficult for small business owners who have no human resources department to assess their employees’ happiness. For small businesses with no HR team, the responsibility lies on managers and owners to develop a strategy that improves productivity. Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) offer several solutions that allow HR teams and business owners to focus more on human capital management and less on the day-to-day execution of human resources tasks.

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