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Best Strategies for Generating Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Best Strategies for Generating Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn
Best Strategies for Generating Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn

Seeing how LinkedIn has journeyed from being just a professional networking platform to a massive force in the business world, lots of B2B marketers have also learned to leverage the opportunity for lead generation. Some businesses on LinkedIn use cold messaging to reach out and bring in as many customers as they can, others use continuous publishing of content and engagement to establish their brand presence and win new customers.

Another common marketing strategy that businesses use is paid advertising. Paid advertising on LinkedIn works because, to a large extent, you’re speaking to a very targeted audience. Sometimes, the results come in quite easily, while at other times, they take more time and even more effort. In all, LinkedIn is a go-to platform for marketers targeting B2B leads.

Here are some tested and proven LinkedIn marketing strategies for generating quality leads for your business.

1. Optimize Your Company Profile

While LinkedIn is a great place for you to find opportunities and grow your business, you have to be intentional about it. LinkedIn does have a formula: Join, Connect, and Engage. When broken down, those 3 steps involve a lot of processes. One of them is making your LinkedIn company page very attractive. From your logo and profile picture to the description on the page, you want to make the page attractive enough for visitors checking you out.

Also, consider making the description an interesting read and one that leads to a conversation. This means that you should get people to start a conversation with you upon visiting your page. In essence, it should be more like a pitch, stirring up people’s interest in your company.

2. Start Growing Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn connections make it easy to spread your message. They are the ones who react to, comment on, and share your content to other users on the platform and across other platforms. After creating your company profile, you can continue reaching out to more people and building your connections and followers.

However, do keep in mind that the quality of the connections you build is far more relevant than the quantity of the connections. You want to focus more on connecting with people who will benefit from your business and that you can also benefit from. Acquiring connections who won’t find your content or posts engaging is more like a waste of time. In fact, this can help you create highly targeted campaigns, which results in quality B2B leads.

3. Use Showcase Page to Generate More B2B Leads

LinkedIn actually created the Showcase Page and customized it to help B2Bs to generate better leads for their businesses. Showcase pages are most ideal for businesses that have multiple brands, products, or services. With a showcase page for each of these business units, any company can create specific campaigns for a particular aspect of their business.

Getting quality leads on LinkedIn is a little easier with optimized showcase pages. The good thing is that you can have several of them, but make sure that the pages are pitchy enough or crafted to drive conversations. Also ensure to keep the name of the page short, so that it won’t be truncated when it appears in the display sidebar.

4. Share Industry-relevant Content

Now that you have your pages optimized and you’ve started building connections, the next thing you want to focus on is engaging with those people. Staying silent really does you very little good. Create posts, share other people's posts, react to posts, make comments, hit the comments section, and reply to what people are saying on your posts.

But above all, make sure that you are sharing only relevant content. Based on the kind of people following you and the solutions you’re providing your customers, your content or posts must be optimized to satisfy the queries of your audience. Research and build content based on the solutions that are relevant to people in your industry. This way, you will be able to attract quality B2B leads to your business.

5. Use Advanced Search

In order to find more targeted leads, you can use the LinkedIn Advanced Search function. This is the most effective way to find and connect with the people who are most relevant to your business or most interested in what you have to say. The filter option in the Advanced Search helps you set a filter that filters out those that aren’t your focus. For instance, you can set the filter to focus only on businesses in a particular area and a specific sector, say personal injury lawyers in Southern California.

For an even more targeted audience, you can upgrade to LinkedIn premium to use more filter options. Advanced Search allows you to connect to the exact people that should be in your network. The filter remains for as long as you want and you can always go back to tweak it as you want.

6. Encourage Employees to Engage on Your Posts

A very good way to increase your reach on LinkedIn is by getting your employees to act as influencers for your brand. In reality, the reach of your company page can only go so far. To augment that, you can use your personal profile to support your business page. You and your employees can act as influencers of the brand.

And really, one very effective way to testify about a brand is by using people from inside. It is an effective strategy to attract quality B2B leads.

7. Publish LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles are another important B2B lead generation tool that you don’t want to ignore. Here, you can share high-quality articles focused on specific needs or solutions that answer the questions of your audience or contribute to a popular topic. Did you know that your LinkedIn articles will also appear on search engines? That’s exactly why you need to start writing.

8. Consider Using LinkedIn Automation Tools

Engaging on LinkedIn can be quite time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. From sending out connection requests to messaging, and engaging with your followers, using the right automation tool will not only save you time, money, and effort, but it can make all the difference in your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

With a LinkedIn automation tool like grobot, businesses can generate way more B2B leads than they would manually. With grobot, you can safely send up to 10x more connection requests, direct messages, replies, and meeting requests in minutes instead of hours. What’s more? Grobot complies with LinkedIn third-party software regulations, which saves you from getting banned or removed from the platform. Feel free to reach out to us and request a demo of grobot.


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