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Employee Relations: Importance and Suggestions for Improving Employee Relations

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Employee Relations: Importance and Suggestions for Improving Employee Relations

The benefit of cultivating strong employee/employer relations within an organization can hardly be overemphasized. Employees are the biggest assets in any company. Therefore, having “happy employees'' is good for business. Without a doubt, many companies understand that when employees have a smooth relationship with their employers, the business is better for it.

To begin with, a positive relationship between employees and employers creates room for improved employee engagement and increased productivity. No doubt, people work for money, but they are more loyal and appreciative when treated with respect. Employees readily go above and beyond with little or no motivation when given the recognition they deserve.

In this article, we`ll discuss two important things relating to employee relations; first, why employee relations is important, and then we`ll look at possible ways for improving employee relations in your company.

Importance of Employee Relations

Here are some reasons why employee relations is important in every organization:

Retention of Loyal Employees

When employees are loyal to your brand, they need very little push to overcome challenges and get the job done. Essentially, you`re raising brand ambassadors. Building a healthy relationship with your workers also reduces employee turnover. All these thrive on the bedrock of good employee relations.

The interesting thing is that cultivating strong employee relations takes different angles. Creating a work culture where employees are free to express their troubles and challenges in the workplace is one.

But it doesn't end there. Making an effort to genuinely address their concerns is a strong indication that the employer does listen to what employees are saying. Suffice to say that employees do not leave a bad job, but they leave bad bosses.

Reduction of Workplace Conflicts

Good employee relations help to eliminate or reduce workplace conflicts. Conflicts between workers and employers can get in the way of work, especially if left unresolved for a protracted length of time. It is best to have issues resolved as quickly as possible. In the long run, both employees and employers will enjoy the benefits.

Resolving conflicts is one effective method for building trust and loyalty among employees. A workplace where issues are resolved before they blow out of proportion is often one where there is continuous growth and progress. If you`re currently looking to enhance or scale employee relations in your company, you probably should move conflict resolution up the list and make it a priority.

Improving Employee Engagement

Another important reason employers should take employee relations seriously is the fact that employee engagement is somehow dependent on healthy employee relations. In other words, being able to engage employees better on the job is a function of how good their relationship is with you, their employers.

Employee engagement is the all-encompassing factor behind increased productivity, increased employee satisfaction, retention of loyal employees, and strengthening of the employer/employee bond. Without a doubt, engaged employees are the types of workers that every organization or business owner wants to have on their team. But it takes effort and continuous work.

From time to time, employers may need to conduct employee engagement surveys to help them understand how well their employees are engaged in their work, discuss existing challenges, and proffer solutions as quickly as possible.

Keeping Employees Focused on Business Objectives

Both employers and employees must operate with the same goal in mind. A healthy employee relationship can help foster a proper understanding of company goals, work culture, rules, and standard operational procedures. The bottom line is that everyone is on the same page.

It is such a nice thing when both employees and employers approach work with the same mindset and possibly, similar level of zeal and zest. It takes a decent and thriving relationship between employer and employees to achieve that.

Ways to Improve Employee Relations

Now that you understand how good employee relationships can benefit your company, let's consider some of the best ways to improve employee relations.

Creating a Better Workplace Culture

The workplace culture of any organization has an impact on retaining employees and attracting new ones. If the company is known for its great work culture, chances are, they`ll attract good employees and reduce employee turnover.

The work culture of an organization generally has to do with the approach of the company to work, how they compensate employees, how they relate with employees, how they address or resolve conflicts, and so on. Creating a good workplace culture helps to build better employee relations and vice versa.

Encouraging a Healthy Work-life Balance

Nothing moves your employees more than knowing that their employers are concerned about their progress. They are more motivated to give their best every day. Besides, workers can only produce their best work when they can focus on their work with little or no distraction.

Workers ought to be able to balance their personal lives effectively with their jobs. Giving them time off when they deserve or need it is one way to enhance the employer/employee relationship. A hectic work culture can kill motivation very fast.

Assigning Work That Employees Enjoy Doing

Salaries and benefits are not the only things that motivate workers. Fulfilling work does too. And maybe, much more than a fat paycheck does. People often leave jobs that they find boring or toxic. Regardless of how much they`re earning, some people prefer doing certain types of work; and that's where you see them at their best. They enjoy their work and have a great sense of achievement while at it.

Listening to What Employees are Saying

When employers give ears to the feedback and suggestions from employees in their companies, they are effectively letting the employees know that they appreciate hearing from them and that their voices matter. This strategy is one method that successful organizations use to enhance employee engagement and build better employee relations.

Wrapping Up

Employee relations are critical to the success of any company — whether big or small. It impacts productivity and enhances employee engagement. Therefore, taking time to build a better relationship with your employees is one of the best things that can happen to your company.


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