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Essential Digital Skills for Successful HR Functions

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Digital Skills for Successful HR Functions
Digital Skills for Successful HR Functions

The advent of digital transformation in human resource management has changed how almost all HR processes are run today. From the automation of recruitment to gamification of training and learning and using data-driven insights to improve employee experience, we have seen that digitization is the way to go. Expectedly, HR professionals who have acquired these skills have been able to add more value to their teams and organizations as a whole.

Studies have shown that HR digital skills help HR professionals deliver their best performance across their organizations. If you are an HR executive or a senior manager at your company, you need to encourage adopting HR skills and a digital culture across the entire company. It is as simple as it sounds; HR can conduct virtual interviews and use talent acquisition software to select suitable candidates. Artificial intelligence now plays a role in helping HR determine employees who want to leave and why they want to go.

By and large, acquiring HR digital skills allow HR executives to improve employee experience, reduce employee attrition, achieve more organizational goals, and increase productivity. Here, we discuss some key digital skills that HR professionals need to function optimally.

Human Resources Information Software

Your team can invest in human resources management software that allows employees to work more smartly and improve productivity. For instance, you can save time and effort when filling out HR forms by taking them online. This makes storing employee information seamless and reduces the amount of paperwork that you do. In this case, building digital HR skills involve learning how to use cloud-based file management systems.

Automated processes like these encourage employees to perform their best, improving overall productivity. Another benefit of using human resource information software is that filing documents digitally ensures that they are easy to complete and equally easy to retrieve, thereby reducing compliance problems.

E-sign and Self-service applications

These are simple but revolutionary processes that eased the arduous task of searching for and receiving applications from job applicants. They reduce the time it takes for applicants to send in their applications, cut out physical handling of papers, and improve the efficiency and transparency of the hiring process.

These days, job applicants can complete their applications using a mobile or desktop app, via a website, and upload any document needed in the application process online. E-sign and self-service job applications platforms ensure that no information or document is lost in the application process as well as maintains the transparency of the process.

Cloud Technology

Being able to use cloud technology is a crucial digital skill for HR executives. Cloud technology cuts across applicant tracking, candidate selection for interviews, data collection and management, and file sharing. From anywhere, employees can access cloud-stored information, making communication and collaboration even more seamless. Cloud technology focuses on:

  • Centralization of HR and business data

  • Easy collation, management, and retrieval of employee and applicant data, and

  • Improving communication and transparency within an organization


Gamification of training and learning essentially integrates psychological challenges to encourage employees to complete their training and improve their skills. Gamification brings a sense of competition and fun into recruitment and other HR functions, enhancing collaboration and fostering cross-departmental relationships. More specifically, gamification techniques

  • Potentially enhance talent acquisition by boosting engagement among employees and potential employees.

  • Can be used to test the suitability of candidates for particular roles within the organization

  • Improve learning and development by creating a system for sharing knowledge, networking, and simulations of real-life scenarios

  • Improve employee engagement and employee experience

Talent Management Software (TMS)

HR professionals need to master how to use Talent Management Software, as this generally improves talent management efficiency, starting from hiring to onboarding, training, and retention of talents. With talent management software, HR can make data-driven decisions aligned with the company’s long-term business and HR goals.

TMS helps you track employee performance, skills, and career objectives, allowing you to identify and retain the best talent. Additionally, analyzing data collected using talent management software helps HR provide tailored learning and development programs to employees and plan promotions.

Using Social Media Proficiency

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now considered Millennial skills. Businesses use social media to promote brand messages, improve visibility, engage new and existing customers, network with other businesses, etc. In light of this, it makes perfect sense to learn how to maximize the potential of social media.

Many companies now advertise job openings on social media, which makes talent acquisition even more seamless. Potential candidates can view the company’s profile and determine if they are a fit for the company. This also helps HR to screen out non-fit even before they apply.

Want to Learn More?

If the current trends in digital transformation are anything to go by, it is very easy to see that digital skills are no longer an extra in business management. They are now essential skills for staying competitive in today’s technology-driven world. If you have more questions about how you or your HR team can improve their digital skills, we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

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