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5 Ways Your Nonprofit Organization Will Benefit from Outsourced HR Services

You started your nonprofit organization because you saw a need in the world that needed to be dealt with. However, sometimes running an organization isn't as fun and easy when it has dull HR tasks like filling out forms or following up about job applications for volunteers who want more than just explaining why they're great fits into their free time (though I'm sure some people really enjoy doing this).

The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a perfect partner in any nonprofit's success. They offer turnkey HR services that cover everything from payroll and benefits administration sick days management to workforce planning compliance. So you can focus on what matters most: The Work Your Group Does!

#1 - HR Compliance

You're in charge of HR, so you have to know what's going on. No exception or circumstance will get by with this ever-changing world we live in today - not even if it means keeping up close tabs on everything from employee relations and workplace culture all the way down to benefits packages!

Even the most seasoned HR professionals have moments where they forget something critical. This can blunt your efforts and put them at risk for liability or adversely affect their ability to work with other departments in handling confidential data like customers' finances and personal information (eew).

You can rest assured that your administration needs are in capable hands with a PEO partner. They'll take care of all the little details for you, so there's nothing holding back productivity and assuring compliance with all local, state, and federal laws!

#2 - Taking Care of Talent

Running a successful nonprofit is an extraordinary arrangement of abilities. It takes responsibility for what you do, but it also emphasizes that long stretches in this industry provide crucial lessons on how to succeed through all sorts of challenges with tact and care-which we hope will help make our world more charitable!

Your workforce's recruitment, maintenance, and advancement are all in good hands with a PEO. They'll help you find the perfect person for each job while also smoothing out any onboarding processes so new employees feel right at home.

#3 - Delivering the Benefits

Nonprofits have a hard time competing with the best of corporate America when it comes to benefits. This hampers their ability to draw in new talent and keep top employees because they can't offer what these other companies do, which is reasonable pay for all that incredible work done every day!

Joining the PEO partner means your nonprofit has access to better protection plans and rates, clearer pay structures, and so much more. In addition, they can contribute to programs such as retirement accounts!

#4 - Managing Your Budget

The nonprofit world is a tightrope walk and a pretty penny-conscious experience. You have to represent each dollar, so you secure grants and try your hardest to get your team more funding for more resources or increased benefits like health care coverage.

That is the thing that can help the PEO really make sense for your organization. At the cost of a solitary HR professional, you access the entire set-up of HR technology, tools, and consulting. It's a straightforward instance of contributing a little to get a ton, and both your bookkeeper and the team will welcome it.

#5 - Improving Time Management

HR is serious business, but we're here to make it lighter. The time spent on your nonprofit's mission should be more critical than any HR task you have dealt with in the past!

When you collaborate with a PEO, it's like giving over your work to the organization that knows best how to handle these complicated details. They are tremendously effective in dealing with each of five tasks related in this article: 1) HR Compliance 2), Taking Care of Talent 3.) Delivering Benefits 4 ) Managing Your Budget 5). Improving Time Management.

With a partner like Mission, you let us deal with all the subtleties encompassing your shopping for your new PEO partner and focus on changing the world.

If you're ready to work with a first-class HR organization that will assist you with finding the right solution, let's talk today.

About Mission

The Mission is a leading partner in the PEO, HR, payroll, and benefits outsourcing marketplace. We provide a valuable service for small and medium-sized organizations and government contractors, serving as a trusted partner in integrated human resource (HR) compliance, risk management, employee benefits, employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), and payroll processing. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us today.


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