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How to Increase Your Website Traffic with LinkedIn + Tips

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

How to Increase Your Website Traffic with LinkedIn + Tips
How to Increase Your Website Traffic with LinkedIn + Tips

Using LinkedIn for online marketing is a smart choice for B2B companies, freelancers, and different categories of small and big businesses. But how do you make LinkedIn truly work for you when the competition for visibility is getting stiffer by the day? LinkedIn currently hosts over 750 million users worldwide.

It is considered by most marketers, recruiters, and independent professionals as the biggest and most promising social platform that allows you to build quality connections, find new opportunities, hire great talents, and find new customers. For businesses on LinkedIn, their success on the platform would mean only one thing: more customers, i.e., more revenues. Two factors contribute to business growth on LinkedIn: more visitors to your website and more conversions from those visits. When we talk about social network marketing, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to prospect new customers. So as you get started, here are proven tips to help you drive more LinkedIn users to your page without little or no hassle.

Use These Tips to Grow Your Website Traffic From LinkedIn

Create a compelling LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re an independent professional or a service company, this striking LinkedIn profile is probably the most important part of the entire piece. If you didn’t realize, almost anyone can reach out to new clients or send more connection requests. However, it takes a compelling profile to actually attract those people or get them to accept your request and visit your website. This is especially important if you offer professional services in a competitive niche. You can check here for more tips on how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile.

Join groups on LinkedIn

Joining relevant LinkedIn groups does not only allow you to meet more people, who could as well become your prospects the next minute; in addition to that, LinkedIn groups provide you the opportunity to share your business and other relevant information with more people. You also get to learn by joining several industry-specific groups on the platforms.

Create a LinkedIn group

As you join more LinkedIn groups, also consider creating your own group and inviting others. Your own LinkedIn group gives you total control over the number and type of professionals you want in the group. Unlike when you join another group, you are able to manage a group you created better, share more content that’s relevant to your business and, of course, engage with more people.

Remember that creating a LinkedIn group means that you need to continue to throw out relevant content there, keep your audience engaged with exciting and interesting updates, respond to messages, and even more.

Build more connections

The goal is to acquire more followers, connect with more professionals, and publicize your business to as many people as possible. Basically, you want your brand to have a large connection base. But it doesn’t ever end there. Building connections alone is not what you need, but acquiring quality connections.

Ideally, they should be people who have an interest in what you do. If you are a backend developer, ideally, you want to focus on not just tech-savvy folks like yourself but also on businesses and individuals who need your services. Generally, acquiring more connections increases the chances of having more visitors to your site.

Share relevant content and posts frequently

This is one of the easiest things you can do to build your LinkedIn following (and drive traffic to your site). When you see content online, and you click on it, it’s probably because it caught your attention, and you want the rest of it. If you want more visitors to reach your site from LinkedIn, creating and sharing compelling and highly relevant content is one of your most effective tactics. A blog post like this one, for instance, is an excellent example of what I mean here.

You can add a little explainer along with the blog's URLs and post them on your profile or share them as an authoritative article with your followers. The good thing about this is that you’re not only increasing your visibility on LinkedIn but also driving more people to visit your site, where they can learn more about you and eventually become paying customers.

Optimize the title of your blogs for higher engagement

When you post blogs and articles, ensure that the titles you use are the best. Catchy titles are a great way to drive more traffic to your site. For instance, instead of saying “Quality Cappuccino Services in Denver”, you could say “5 Amazing Things About Our Cappuccino Services in Denver”. Not only is the second title more SEO-friendly, but it’ll also readily pique the interest of more people than the first one.

Use LinkedIn Plugins

LinkedIn understands the potential it holds as far as marketing is concerned, and with that understanding, they have provided professionals like you with tools and services that help you make the most of the platform. Some LinkedIn tools that you should take advantage of are:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator: This is a marketing/prospecting tool that enables users to grow their network by sending LinkedIn invites directly into recipients' inbox

  • LinMailPro: This is available as a Chrome Extension that lets you find and invite every user who views your profile.

Use an automation tool like grobot

The good thing about prospecting on LinkedIn with an automation tool is that you only make little manual input in the process. When used right, a LinkedIn marketing automation tool can target the people whose needs align with the products and services you're offering. In the end, your campaigns will yield more people who are ready to buy than people who are not interested at all. A perfect example is grobot.

Grobot is the LinkedIn automation tool designed to help B2B marketers to supercharge their lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. You can learn more about grobot and even request a free demo to see how the tool simplifies your work and magnifies your results.

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Daniella Hill
Daniella Hill
6 days ago

The article provides insightful tips on leveraging LinkedIn to boost website traffic effectively. It emphasizes the significance of optimizing LinkedIn profiles, sharing engaging content, and actively participating in relevant groups and discussions. These strategies align with the goal of enhancing visibility and attracting targeted traffic to a website. As a web development agency, incorporating LinkedIn into the digital marketing strategy can broaden reach and foster meaningful connections with potential clients or collaborators. By implementing the suggested tactics, businesses can harness the power of LinkedIn to drive traffic and ultimately achieve their website traffic goals.

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